Positive Discipline

Mind First, an organisation of psychologists, which focuses on Maximizing Potential of children and adults, conducted a workshop on Positive Discipline during its first anniversary celebrations. This daylong workshop was conducted at a school of YS Group, Barnala with the teachers on 23rd Sep 2014 by Dr. (Mrs.) Ravinder Kala & her team of psychologists from Mind First.

Discussing about this workshop Dr. (Mrs.) Ravinder Kala, Director Mind First said that there was an urgent need for parents and teachers to become aware of Positive Discipline to help our children get focused on goals of life and develop Emotional Intelligence to navigate through the challenges of their life. The techniques of Positive Discipline can help parents & teachers deal with the difficulties of developing educational foundation & fundamentals of life skills & social skills without punishing the children.

The ingredients of Positive Discipline help the adults in establishing clear boundaries, noticing & rewarding positive behaviour and developing fair & pre-discussed consequences of negative behaviour. The approach has to be kind & firm & consistent.

Negative discipline focuses on wrong behaviour, controlling the child to be fearful of adults is unfair, harsh, inconsistent & is based on punishment. Negative discipline makes children anxious, fearful, non-communicative, even angry and resentful. The other extreme of overindulgent soft approach makes children oversensitive, demanding and disrespectful.

Positive Discipline leads to decreased emotional trauma, increased self-esteem & confidence, decreased drug abuse & unhealthy behaviours, better academics & better communication.

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According to Mr Varun Bharti, Director, YS Group of Institutes-

“In an environment of Creativity, Competition and Cooperation, word “Discipline” needs to be replaced with “Positive Discipline”, especially in Schools, as Schools are not only to groom students for the present but also need to prepare students for the future thus arises need to focus on 21st Century Tools and Skills. Keeping same in mind, YS Group arranged “Workshop on Positive Discipline”, conducted by Dr. (Mrs.) Ravinder Kala, from Mind First Group, a renowned speaker and a person whose knowledge and understanding is beyond excellence. This Workshop has proved to be the first step towards developing positive relationship among teachers and students and of immense value in understanding concept of “Emotional Intelligence” and “Positive Discipline”. I recommend all Schools to go for such Faculty Development Programs so as to move towards better and newer horizons in the field of Education.”

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