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Anxiety is a normal phenomenon. Think of 5 minutes before you have gone into an examination hall or attending an interview or making a presentation! Heart pounding, dry mouth and sweaty palms are experienced by everyone from time to time. But when anxiety makes you lose sleep, affect your Attention and Concentration, affect your performance and in the process damage your confidence, It is time to seek help. In certain extreme scenarios, it becomes the cause of job loss or marital discord.

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In the last two decades coaching has been developing as a distinct profession. This article aims to describe the emergence of coaching as a field, how it is being defined and the various areas across which it is practiced.

The word ‘coach’ is derived from a town called ‘Kocs’ in northern Hungary, where horse drawn carriages were made (http://word-origins.com). Continue reading



As long as it does not interfere with individual performance and productivity, the phenomenon of stress can be a ‘normal’ experience. Stress can boost your performance and get you through a crisis. But it can also lead to serious problems. If you’re unduly stressed, you could be compromising your well-being. The symptoms of stress overload include fatigue, headaches, lack of concentration, difficulty making decisions, increased or decreased eating, inability to control anger, and the increased use of alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, or drugs. Continue reading