I owe my progress to the dedicated team.

I owe my progress to the dedicated team of Mindfirst professionals as they help me re-connecting to my happier life. The team assists me in attaining emotional stability after the heart rendering incident I met 3 years back. Their professional guidance is not just helpful but also empowering.

 My wedding was in hot waters.

My wedding was in hot waters. Me and my wife was looking for some way to talk without moving around. Mindfirst counselors helped us every bit through a sticky patch and gave some understanding tools which proves to be really effective. Now, I am staying with my wife cheerfully. All thanks to Mindfirst couple counseling team.

I was in a sheer state of shock.

I was in a sheer state of shock when I was thrown out of the company where I invested 27 years of my life. Mindfirst’s dedicated team of counselors helped me overcoming this state with 3 months of regular efforts. I am very much thankful to each and every member of the organization who assisted me with such easy and effective way.

I am so grateful for the support.

I am so grateful for the support, care and understanding extended by Mindfirst counseling team. With a constant decrement in my academic graphs, everyone including my parents started rebuking me badly. I went into a deep depression. I stop involving myself to anything. I just wanted to kill myself till I reached Mindfirst counseling centre. Today I am a cheerful and positive guy all thanks to Mindfirst professional counselors who helped me coming out of depression and check out the brighter side of life 🙂

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